23 March 2011

A unicorn store

So it's Sunday and I have little if anything that I want to do (note: I didn't say need to do, that's an intiraly different matter all together) so I decide to go look at some apartments in the historic downtown area of a town near by.

After passing the apt office twice, I manage to park only to find out that they are closed for lunch. No worries. I didn't have that long to wait and there were plenty of (closed, read Sunday) shops in woking distance to not be able to go into.

So I walk around, and then walk some more and then something magical happened. I see a quilt shop, and not just any quilt shop, one that is open on Sundays. This was a true unicorn moment if I'd ever heard of one my friends. Do you know of a quilt fabric store that is open on Sundays? I never had until this very momentous day.

But does my story end here? Oh no, like any unicorn moment my story continues and, I dare say, gets better. I walk it to what can only be described as a hole-in-the-wall sort of place in the best of all posable ways.  A man, an owner of the store and whose's name I cannot remember, comes out to greet me as well as his wife, the other owner of the store and whose name I do remember only due to its proximity to mine. I am then informed of a quilting group that taking place " in the back" more or less and strongly encouraged to join them for a lunch that the husband owner prepared.

Now lets take a moment to pause for the facts. Here I am, random person off the street, being invited into this clique of a group in a unicorn store that is open on Sundays. Why you ask (and me as well of that matter)? Maybe it was because I looked hot from walking around and they felt sorry (likely) or it could be for all my winning charm and personality (no more or less likely the the former). Then again it shouldn't be over looked that it might have been because I don't have an AARP card and thus considered fresh meat (more likely), but regardless I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that the world might once again be inhabited by dinosaurs and I just might be one of the last humans any of them would ever see (very unlikely).

After a wonderful lunch, I left with three half yards of fabric non of which I have any plan for and in complete breach of my de-stashing resolution (for another post). As well as an invite to the quilt group. All in all, a fabulous ending to a strange unicorn sort of day.

21 March 2011

A place of creation

Apparently it doesn't really count as blogging if you only do it once a year. That's something I should really get to more often.

Any who, the real subject matter comes down to whats in the little bar to the right. I call it "see what's in the store." What stated as a seemingly "small" project, sure can take a while to put all the pieces together.

Which leads us to today, a week and a day since I made my first listing and now a redesign of the blog and a rededication to go with. Now instead of rambling on about what things are surrounding me or the random ways I've managed to connect things, this is will be a place of creation.  Which sounds a lot better anyways.

15 February 2010

Children of the Revolution

So new year, new blog entry, and a new job. And while I would hardly call this revolutionary, and thus the title of this blog, it is consistent with steady hours and reasonable (not great) pay. Oh and it has to do with children. Thus completes the circle.

But not really, back to the kids. I happen to be teaching, yes, yes there is no need to laugh I understand, and one of them said I beautiful hair, it happened to be down on rare occasion that day. I said thanks, but she continued. "You have hair just like Hanna Montana." Seriously, If I wasn't caught so off guard that she used what little amount of pop culture material she has to draw from, I would have corrected her for comparing me to someone so... Disney. But flattery is flattery no matter what form.

On that note I will leave you with a video of the "Children of the Revolution" by the awesome hair band T-Rex.

13 May 2009

This is for you

Yay for me I'm posting!
And because I don't have anthing else better to post as a picture, you get this;

And by you, of course I mean NT!